Nationwide, car owners spend an average of $935.80 a year on their auto insurance, a number that includes both minimal and high coverage choices. Knowing what type of coverage you need isn’t always easy to figure out. Here’s a breakdown of how each coverage type works.



All states except New Hampshire require car owners to purchase a minimum amount of liability car insurance.



Bodily injury liability insurance covers the medical expenses of another party if you’re at fault.

Property damage liability insurance covers damage done to another person’s property that you crashed into. This could include someone else’s car, mailbox, fence, garden gnome collection or building.

For example, let’s say you ran a stop sign and collided with a man driving a Toyota Camry. The vehicle needs some repairs and he required a few stitches to his forehead. Since you were at fault, liability insurance would cover the cost to repair his car and his medical expenses — both up to the coverage limits of your policy.


If you purchased low limits and injuries or damage exceed your limit, you can still be sued for the rest. That’s why buying a high level of liability insurance is a smart move, especially if you have savings or other assets that make you an attractive lawsuit target.


Consider at least liability limits with $100,000 in bodily injury liability per person, and $300,000 per accident, and $50,000 and up for property damage liability. Drivers with high incomes and/or significant assets should consider higher amounts in case someone decides to sue, plus umbrella insurance.



Your own liability insurance only pays others for damage you do. It will not pay anything for your own car or your injuries.


If someone else causes an accident, their liability insurance should cover your car damage and injuries. But the other person’s insurance will only pay up the limits they bought. If the accident was expensive, their insurance may not be enough to cover all your bills.


There are financial responsibility laws for drivers in every state. This means that you have to have either liability insurance or prove that you are financially responsible in another way. If you want to save money on your auto insurance you will need to get a car insurance quote from several different insurance companies before you buy insurance.


Every state has financial responsibility law. That means that you must either have liability insurance or prove that you are financially able to pay for damage that you cause in an accident. One of the best ways to save money is to get several insurance companies to give you a car insurance estimate or quote before purchasing any insurance.


There are many ways to get auto insurance quotes. You could walk into a local agent and ask for a quote. This may be the worst way to buy insurance. Once the agent gives you the quote, you are on the spot to make a decision. You probably have not other quotes yet, so you cannot compare the prices that you are being quoted. Additionally, it is difficult for some people to say no when looking the agent in the eyes.


A somewhat better way is to make several phone calls requesting car insurance estimates. More than likely the agent will ask to call you back with the final estimate. This can work in your advantage, because it allows you to call other agents to ask for more quotes while the first one is working on paperwork. The idea here is to get three or four quotes being worked up at the same time. When an agent calls back with their estimate, tell them you are waiting on other quotes and plan to buy the insurance with the best price. Some agents may automatically drop their price when they hear this, but do not purchase insurance until you have all the quotes.



An even better way is to enter your own data in a search engine for insurance online. Websites are ready to take that information and send it to several companies for quotes. You should get at least three quotes for insurance.

Agents will then either call or e-mail you the quotes. Ask for e-mail quotes if possible so that you have a paper record to review and do a side by side comparison. Choose the best company and call to set up the insurance.

To save even more money, pay the entire premium at once. This may save you up to sixty dollars for a six month policy.


Insurance is something that we all look for then whether it is car insurance ,health insurance, home insurance etc being a good Indian it is the responsibility of all to take insurance policies for there families we all love our families more then yourself and when it comes to there security then why not take precautions before hand.


Our life is gifted by god where we are not sure of our life’s even for next five minutes we spend our whole life just saving and working for uncertain future when each second we live a living that is futuristic then why not secure it today right now for all. Car insurance is something that now a days is being even provided by companies to its employees like as in earlier days health insurance was something that companies use to get it done for it employees and now even car insurance has become a part of it a company survives only when its employees enjoy a healthy living if they loose one employee they have to train ten more in the same manner which is more costlier then ones life.

Car insurance are of many types like first part car insurance, second party car insurance or third party car insurance just the difference that occurs between these three policies is that of cost and the safety that they provide by cost we mean that the amount of premium that is to be paid monthly or annually if we get an first class insurance done we get full insurance coverage that is if we face any accident then whole loss will be born by the company irrespective of any trouble. But here the premium that would be paid would be maximum among the all three. If a person goes for second class insurance then the premium amount would be a average one with some 50 to 60 percent coverage of loss by the company and when we talk of third class car insurance then least amount is to be paid once where the company does not provide for any loss in future so its more or less waste of few pennies even.


So why not we start walking with the world and make our life’s more secure and fear less lets live a life that is truly present based and involves no fear when we live for our families then why not secure it as much as we can .

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