What is a Home Insurance?

A home insurance means a property insurance policy to help you cover your own home and your personal belongings within, from unexpected circumstances such as burglaries, fires, floods, storms, explosions and natural disasters.

Buying a property like home is one of the most vital investments people spend all their life working towards. Yet, there are so many people who forget to secure and protect for this very important investment in their life time.  your home is more than just its mere physical property and is a lot more valuable than you imagine it to be.


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so that, one of the most essential things you could do for the well-being and safety of your home is at least get a home insurance that would allow you to stay secured and covered for in the case of uncertain and unfortunate circumstances such as burglaries, floods, fires, and earthquakes among other likely, but unforeseen circumstances. 

we make offer a Home Insurance that protects your property from fires and natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods through our Standard Fire & Perils policy, whilst we also help protect for Burglary Policy; i.e. Home Insurance.


How to  claim on your Home Insurance?

After the calamity or unfortunate event, inform your insurance agent or insurance company about the destruction. You have to submit a written claim document to the insurance company within the period stipulated. The claim document should contain a detailed account of the articles lost/damaged and the actual value of each article. On receipt of the documents, the claims department processes the claim. On approval of the claim, a letter is sent to you (insured) stating the approved amount of settlement along with the discharge voucher. In case of losses due to natural disasters, the insurance companies usually relax the claim settlement procedures that involve minimum documentation only.


What about Home Insurance Policy?

When we think of Home Insurance, we think of it as an expensive affair. After all, it’s about protecting one of your most prized possessions! Fret not though, we not only ensure your home is covered for but, make sure that it is affordable for you and your pocket. One of the things people often wary about in insurance is paperwork and that’s exactly what we’ve gotten rid of with our online home insurance! With Digit, everything from buying a home insurance policy to making claims is simple and can be done online. Millennials are shaping the rental economy and we understand that! That’s why, it doesn’t matter if you own a home or not, your place can still be protected with our insurance for home renters. Emergencies come unannounced and can happen at any point in time! That’s why, we’ll always be just a ring away, no matter what time or day. Home burglaries can happen anywhere, anytime- even in the most secure places. A home insurance helps you recover from losses that could occur due to such uncertain and unforeseen circumstances. Contrary to popular belief, a home insurance goes beyond just the physical property of your home. It covers for everything right from your garage to your home’s contents. Floods, storms and the like can be a home-owner worst nightmare! And going through the hassle of rebuilding your home and recovering from the damages can not only be stressful but also loss of a lot money! Luckily, having a home insurance can cover you for it all.

What Does The Home Insurance Policy Cover? 

Fire Lightning Explosion/Implosion (excluding boilers, economizers, pressure vessels) Aircraft Damage Riot, Strike & Malicious Damage Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood & Inundation Impact Damage Subsidence and Landslide including Rockslide, Bursting/Overowing of water tanks, apparatus and pipes Missile Testing Operations Leakage from Automatic Sprinkler Installations Bushre Earthquakes (Fire & Shock).

Home Insurance Plans are...

Long-term protection  and Comprehensive solution

Tenure:  The Policy duration is 3 years. The maximum duration is 30 years.

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